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Aromatherapy Consultations

Aromatherapy essential oils add therapeutic value to a massage.

Pure essential oils (plant essences) are highly valued for their beneficial healing properties. Their aromas are known to affect our senses, and also our emotions. They can be uplifting, like bergamot, or calming, like chamomile, or both calming and uplifting, like lavender. They can ease muscular aches and pains, and alleviate the pain of arthritis or rheumatism, like lemon or black pepper. Oils such as sandalwood or benzoin are wonderful for de-stressing, helping to promote better sleep and relaxation, while neroli might be used to reduce nervous tension or lemon balm to alleviate high blood pressure. In all, there are at least 42 essential oils which might be combined or applied in different ways, depending on the client’s needs and symptoms.

Unlike commercially available mixes, the blending of essential oils in an aromatherapy treatment is done specifically to meet an individual’s needs at the time, using pure unadulterated oils. The client’s responses to the oils are also important in deciding the prescription and the course of treatment required. Essential oils are taken into the body directly through the sense of smell, and also through the skin during an aromatherapy massage, when they are applied in a mix with other ‘carrier’ oils, such as sweet almond or peach kernel oil. These carrier oils also provide important nutrients (such as vitamins B or E) for the skin, and can be beneficial for some skin conditions, such as psoriasis, or eczema.

An aromatherapy consultation will identify the right blend for you, which will usually be applied in a specially designed aromatherapy massage. You will also be advised how to use essential oils yourself at home to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. Because their effects are powerful, it is best only to use essential oils for treatment at home under the direction of a qualified aromatherapist.
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