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Client Feedback

Joint and Back Pain

Mrs JS, November 2014

"I call Sara the magic lady with the healing hands! Sara has such a warmth coming from her inside and out and I immediately felt relaxed with her. Sometimes it is like being in a car wash (that makes Sara laugh when I tell her!) and other times she takes so much care and extremely slowly can ease up any stiff or painful areas. Before I started seeing Sara I could hardly get down the stairs in the morning (because I suffer from arthritis and fibromyalgia) but now I manage so much better and my joints and muscles and tendons move so much more freely.

Sara listens to me as well and so some areas she is more gentle than others. Sara is brilliant the way she can feel her way around (she once said to me the body is like a map!) I like the fact she tells me all about what she can feel (I seem to have quite a lot of crystal type deposits in certain places which she is slowly working on dispersing - amazing!!)

Before I had my first massage with Sara I had only ever had one massage before about 20 years ago and I was in so much pain afterwards that I thought I would never ever have another one but now I look forward to my massages so much - I'm a different woman! Thank Sara you truly are 'The Magic Lady'."

DU, November 2014

"After suffering for over 10 years with a semi-dislocated shoulder injury (suffered in my late teens) & increasing back pains leaving me with limited use of my left arm, I went to see Sara (after meeting her 5 years prior at a business networking event).

After speaking with Sara & a quick examination she identified exactly what has happened to my body due to the injury & route problem. Plus explain how my body compensated due to the injury. After 30 minutes of massage therapy I got some use of my arm back & felt my body start to relax.

Since then, I have been back to see Sara for fortnightly massage therapy which has given me nearly full use of my arm & vital relaxation. After 10 years of constant pain & only being able to use 1 arm plus going through x4 physiotherapists, x4 doctors & x4 X-rays all of which dismissed the injury, I got use of my arm back thanks to seeing Sara.

Sara knows what she is doing, listens to & cares for her clients plus can communicate clearly technical information that patients can understand & learn to help themselves."

Manual Lymph Drainage

Mrs T.S.

Ease'n'Flow - Lymph Drainage

"After having treatment for breast cancer I have suffered from Lymphoid fluid retention, which swells my hand and arm leaving my arm and hand swollen with a tight feeling and very uncomfortable.

I have tried several treatments in the past which have been unsuccessful. Having to always wear long sleeves to cover up the swelling this has left me quite conscious about my appearance."
Ease'n'Flow - Lymph Drainage

"I decided to source an alternative therapy to see if this would help my condition. After calling Sara at Ease'nflow to find out more about Lymph drainage massage I decided to try this method. The treatment has been very successful with fantastic results.
My arm and hand are more supple and the fluid has been re trained to drain through specialist massage which Sara's is trained to carry out. I can highly recommend Sara and the treatment for Lymphoid fluid drainage. It is so nice to at long last feel normal and not have to hide my arm with long sleeves. I will continue to have this treatment once a month to keep the fluid on the move."

Mrs J.M.

"I had impaired mobility due to lymphoedema and asked Sara to perform manual lymph drainage on my lower leg to see if it would help. The procedure was quite painful as my leg was swollen up, but afterwards I got some relief, for a few days at least. Repeating the process over a period of time helped the swelling to go down some more."

Mobile Massage Service

Mrs J.M.

"Sara treated me with seated Indian Head massage when I was laid up with a broken hip, awaiting an operation. While she could do nothing about the hip, having the massage done on my head, neck and shoulders was very soothing and relaxing and helped to ease aches and pains in that had built up in my arms and shoulders as I was only moving around at all on crutches. She came to my home for this service with all the necessary equipment which was most helpful as I was housebound at the time. She managed to give me some respite from my constant pain. I have continued to receive her services while recuperating after the hip operation as it has taken me some time to get back my fitness. Gym exercises which were prescribed for me at the time left me very stiff and uncomfortable and the massage helped to ease this. Without the massage inbetween I don't think I would have kept up the gym exercises."
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