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What is 'Indian Head Massage'?

Indian Head Massage has a long tradition, handed down through Indian families, and practised in beauty or barbers' stalls in Indian market-places.

Modern day Indian Head Massage (IHM) was brought to the West by Narendra Mehta in the 1970's, who adapted traditional methods to include neck and shoulders as well as face and scalp, calling it 'Champissage' (TM). It is now a widely accepted form of complementary therapy in the UK.

Benefits of Indian Head Massage

Traditional ancient Indian Ayuverdic texts say the practice 'strengthens muscles and firms skin' whilst restoring the body's natural balance and encouraging our own innate capacity for self-healing. It can:
  • produce a deep feeling of relaxation in a relatively short time, useful for busy people 'on the go'
  • ease out tense muscles in the neck and shoulders and scalp which can build up to tension headaches or migraine
  • Ease pain and improve mood by encouraging the release of anti-stress hormones, e.g. endorphins
  • improve circulation and nutrition to the skin and hair condition the hair while encouraging hair growth
  • increase the supply of oxygen to the brain, so helping to relieve mental fatigue
  • relax and soothe tired eye muscles
  • deepen the breathing, helping the client to let go of tension in the body, while also assisting with the elimination of toxins more efficiently.

  • What happens during an Indian Head Massage?...
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