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What happens during an Indian Head Massage?

The client comes to a therapy room which has been prepared to be warm, private and soothing, perhaps with relaxing music playing. A short consultation is taken about the client's health. The client is sitting in a chair, usually fully clothed, and the treatment begins with a contact on the shoulders. Soothing hand, finger or thumb strokes are applied to shoulders, neck, scalp and face, with other deeper strokes where tension is found. If desired, beneficial oils can be applied to the scalp and hair and skin. For this, the client would be covered in a towel with bare shoulders.

The treatment can take as little as fifteen minutes, or as long as forty-five.

What clients have said:

'I feel exhilarated and alive! I felt my nerves tingling right down to my toes, and now feel earthed, grounded again' V.F.

' I feel lighter and my shoulders and neck feel freer. I also feel relaxed, without feeling too sleepy' R.O.

' I came in feeling really tired and tense, and now I feel refreshed and invigorated'. M.C.

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