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Therapeutic massage

How does massage work?

Massage is an age-old technique that works through the healing power of touch. We have an instinctive response to touch from when we are tiny babies which continues throughout our lives. Many of us do not experience enough caring and supportive human touch.

When we are under stress or feel fear or anxiety, our bodies respond with adrenalin to boost the system into action. Unfortunately, we can get stuck in this heightened state of "alert", resulting, over time, in actual physical damage and disease.

When the brain senses the right "quality of touch" it enables muscles to let go of tension, relieving stress and anxiety. We feel refreshed because our brains have "switched off" the part of the nervous system which is designed to make us more alert. Body and mind can then begin the task of repair, refreshing and restoring what life's trials have taken out.

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